Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whether to weather the weather or not....

We fondly refer to our local paper as The Curious Mail.

Today it has reached new heights of curiousness.

I beg you to turn to Page 108 of today's edition to fathom the mysteries of the forecast for today.

Should I take my brolly or not?

It says Fine but what if I'm illiterate?  That looks like a great big storm cloud to me.  With lightening even...

Hubby is most put out.  The weather is his favourite topic of conversation.  It goes without saying that B.O.M. (aka the Bureua of Meteorology) is his Favourite website.  Some women unfairly accuse their husbands of browsing the net looking for....well...I won't say....but not my hubbie...he's never happier than when musing upon the radar and all its dusky loops and pointers.

Normally the weather forecast is on the front page of the Curious Mail (well that's what Robbie told me...I've never noticed)....but today it isn't...there's some silly strip ad for Policelink....which forced him to hunt towards the back to find.....nonsense. 

He's in the backyard now, pulling his whiskers looking up at the clear blue sky....wondering.

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willywagtail said...

I understand you husband perfectly. I am a lover of the weatherzone page too. Sometimes, just to annoy my youngest, I muse that I might just need to check the weather to see if it is really raining, even though we can hear it bucketing down outside. Cherrie