Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Confetti across Cyberspace

Confetti by Delphine Menard
The licencse terms of this photo are here

Today a fellow blogger is getting married.

Verity has not one - but three blogs! A prodigious output indeed.

One is compelled to reflect on one's own happy day of yore....

At the time I believe my nephews thought I looked like a religious statue - my frock cleverly concealing any hint of the feminine form.

My beau had considerably more hair then than he does now.

And mine is of course now considerably greyer.

My bridesmaid is as beautiful today as she was 20 years ago.

Some of the children who were at our wedding are now themselves married.

Some are now no doubt are experimenting with love in all its forms.

I hope they are having as much fun now as they did on that day, playing in the 18th hole of the St Lucia golf course, which to their minds was a jolly good sandpit.

Dear Verity - the Virago-ites wish you all the very best on this happy happy day! And indeed in all the days to come. May your marriage be a fabulous sandpit - filled with buckets, spades, rakes, some water and not too many cranky golfers.

Dear Fleur has put together some of our thoughts about the venerable institution of marriage - bless her - such a power-load of work.

Love - whether or not you choose to frame it in marriage - is a splendid thing.

Happy days to lovers and golfers everywhere!!!