Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yes, yes I know - it's been ages. Some of us have been having just too much fun to blog.....not really....some of us have been too embarrassed that three weeks of Long Service Leave have gone by with very little to show for it....what I have done? I finished a baby's jacket....and a tea cosy....and supervised four teenagers painting a teenager's room in a day....made grapefruit marmalade that didn't set....would anyone like some f..... grapefruit...pleeeeeeeeezzz take the grapefruit ....I am so over it....or send jars so I can have another crack at it....this time with a pineapple....so what does the 1961 Glam have to do with anything....well luvvies...I have been invited to the Opening Night of BIFF....which for the uninitiated is the Brisbane International Film Festival....opening night film An Education ......wot I reckon everyone should get if they possibly can.....Here's the blurb...Romance, drama, intrigue - (sounds good to me already)...."an entertaining portrayal of the growing pains that accompany early adulthood set in the London suburb on Twickenham"...1961 - the year I was born....I think I will need to wear a tiara and have a pile up hairdo and wear Thai silk - all suggestions gratefully accepted. Script by Nick Hornby - why is that name familiar ???? "About a Boy" and "High Fidelity" you goose. Right. So I am knitting with more Sublime wool - a baby's jumper for Michael and Maggie's baby - no idea what the gender is - am knitting steel blue because it is a great colour - it was knitted during Master Chef so I'm sure there are a few mistakes. I am SO VERY PLEASED that Julie won - a win for all the women that society casts aside beause of their stage of life - Poh was very very appealing but Julie got me - hook, line and sinker - that woman is real and how!! I am reading Frank Moorhouse's Grand Days which I didn't expect to enjoy and am ploughing through open mouthed - how does that man know how women feel???? He must have very close female friends... I've been doing lots of family history....lots of cooking....lots of sweeping...currently babysitting two adorable dogs who are very fluffy and bring in all the litter from the garden - aka guinea pig straw et al on their pretty coats....planning for my daughter's 18th for goodness sake....done my tax...haven't entered nearly enough books into librarything...where does the time go??? How did I ever have enough time to go to work????