Saturday, February 27, 2010


I want to add a widget but it seems to be a very difficult thing to do - does anyone know how to do it?

I'm trying to put it here....copying and pasting the HTML but nothing is happening....

Oh well...go and see my Everyday Hero page and checkout it out.

I'm going for a big walk next Sunday and want to raise money for Chicks in Pink. I set out to raise $100 but had to revise that goal to $200 and now I think I might have to revise it to $300. What a lot of generous friends I have. The very best.

Hey ! Lost 2.8 kilos in 2 weeks on new health kick.  How good is that?

Was also very brave and went to see Daybreakers today with me old mate Karen. What blowing up.....bodies exploding...a filmmakers delight :) Great seeing Brisbane on the big screen too.  Still have so many Oscar nominated films to see...Precious, The Blind Side, Up in the Air and Up. I could spend all my days in the cinema and still not see enough.

Found a fabulous shop this week.....Libertine...apparently it's been in West End for ages (I don't get out much) but it is now also very conveniently at the bottom of Robertson Street near where I work.I ADORE perfume ....nothing restores the senses more than fine perfume. This shop reminded me of Penhaligons perfume shop in the UK and indeed they did have a bottle of Lilly of the Valley on sale there.  My next goal though is to buy me a bottle of Gin Fizz....absolutely the best perfume I have ever laid my nose on....heaven.

In fact have been doing lots of new things lately.  Went into the city last week with Caspar to see The Hurt Locker and we wandered around a bit exploring that new arcade off Albert Street and the Mall and found a Tea Shop.  Look Grand Purl Baa!  Perhaps that's another appropriate spot to display your tea cosies?

Saturday, February 6, 2010


thanks to Virgin media for image....

Warning!!! Contains spoilers for those who haven't finished this week's Guardian Quick Crossword.

It occurred to me this morning that perhaps the only reason I buy the Guardian is to see if I can complete the quick crossword without cheating.

Define cheating? Asking your husband.(6,4,7) Googling.(8) Checking the crossword dictionary.(8,3,9,10)

So far I haven't reached my goal. I get awfully close though most weeks. Usually one or two clues off. Which probably seems really pathetic to those clever sorts who hurl themselves willy nilly at the Cryptic. My life is torture enough without cryptic.

But then I exaggerate don't I? Torture? Gainfully employed. Healthy children. A roof over my head and food in the fridge. Books on the shelves. Knitting in my basket. Torture??? Get a grip luvvie.

I of course think when I buy the Guardian that I will read all those erudite articles about the world and its people. Sometimes I do. Mostly though it's just the quick crossword.

But I don't mind because I learn even from doing the silly quick crossword.

"Bole?!!" I yelled this morning from the living room to himself sitting in the kitchen. "Trunk" he yelled back. "Trunk?" I said.

Sighing, he dragged himself to his feet and away from I suspect the engrossing Weekend Shopper - looking for more old technology - dead computers that he can resuscitate or cannibalise to make other old computers live again. Did you know we are a nursing home for old computers? But that's another story....

He stands looking over my shoulder. "Two clues to go" I say....pointing..."Bole ...four letters and then five" - "Tree Trunk" he says and then moves away. "Tree Trunk?" - it fits - damn and blast. How does he know these things? Never bloody heard of bole.

"Knight's personal flag?" I yell hopefully after him. "Pennant" he yells back. "No, it doesn't fit. I thought that too." I bleat.

I sigh. I google. It's been more than half an hour - time to give up and get on with the knitting.

I read an entry on flags generously provided by the Los Angeles Chinese Learning Centre - whatever that is .....they talk about knight's personal flags. I even learn that Vexillology is the scientific study of flags. Not just the study mind you. The scientific study. But I can't find a six letter word beginning with P and ending with N.

Back to Google. There it is. Pennon. Thanks to thefreedictionary.

So see...perhaps you have learnt something too. Next week over the water cooler or at the sink in the communal kitchen you can confidently say to a colleague...rather like that gorgeous odious character out of The Young Ones...Rick wasn't it? ....yes, put on your best Rick voice...

"Would you believe that a vexillologist was walking by just when I was tieing my pennon round the bole of my gum tree on Saturday morning...(SNORT) talk about synchronicity!!!!" That should make them choke on their tim tam or make your boss sit up and take a bit of notice.