Monday, September 24, 2012


Grand Design by Prints Charming

One has not blogged for yonks and misses it dreadfully.  

One is swamped with Uni (two subjects this semester) and full-time work.

But one is not whingeing...just observing.

Of course one gets distracted by all sorts of develops a keen interest in embroidery as per the picture above...

Then one decides to try and lose weight...again...and goes for the odd walk and sees odd trees such as in Picture Number Two.  Anyone got any idea what tree it is??

Or this one?

And then there are so many yummy books ... particularly now that the Booker shortlist has been announced....not just one stack but two....

And then there are friends who fly in from interstate and force one to go to art galleries....

It's a tough life I tell you....

I am, in a word, content.

What about you?