Sunday, October 31, 2010

All the rest have ....


My weekend has been a mix of triumphs and ordinary pordinaryness.

I fixed a zip in a skirt.  I fixed a bra that got mangled in the wash.

Yesterday I went to the shop that must not be named but sounds like it suffers from measles or should be in showbiz to get new plastic tablecloths to shelter the guinea pigs from tropical downpours....

I of course came out with tea-towels....I do like a good tea-towel.

And some cat fabric - cushions perhaps?

I love looking up numbers on find out so many interesting things.....

Did you know, for example that 31 is a centered triangular number, a centered pentagonal number and centered decagonal number.

It's also Turkish for masturbation - and I say unto you in Spanish, a la Manuel - "Che?????"

So has Blogtoberfest been a w---?  Absolutely not!!

I's been a lot of hard work...and a lot of fun....

God Bless Tinniegirl for bringing all 270 of us together.  It's been a feast!

I will end this month of Blogtoberfesting by saying thank you to all of you for visiting and sharing your triumphs together with your ordinary pordinary days.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bag Lady

What's in the bag, lady?

A bomb?


What else?  A surprise?
A green-tea surprise!

What else?  A bear?

Why yes!  A panda cheese!

I do like it when new stores open.  

This one has been open for 2 weeks according to the sales assistant at Indooroopilly Shockingtown who served me and business is brisk!

Have you ever tasted anything like these before?

Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes when I come to work I feel like I'm working in a Victorian workhouse!!!

It's a bit foreboding isn't it?

But it really is a lovely building see.....this is the front.....

and the sun is shining in Brisvegas today after a terrific downpour yesterday afternoon.

The rain made the water feature in my office sing and carry on like nobody's business.

Can anybody else boast about having a downpipe in their office?????

This bike is often parked in our carpark....I've always wanted to zip around on one of these, haven't you?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's pouring with rain outside but we're all warm and toasty inside.  The kids have gone out for a drive in this weather as only teenagers can....let's hope they return safely.

I'm a bit frustrated.

I've started knitting my owl jumper but I didn't have any 6.5mm circular I went to the shop to buy some (spent quite a bit on them actually) and now I find one of them keeps catching the I'll have to take them back. Drat.

 I think I'm so cranky because the wool is really lovely and springy and produces results's Cascade Ecological.  The Owl pattern is very popular and from this wonderful woman here.  She is really very special....takes beautiful very clever and, well...I hope you like her work as much as I do.

In good news, I finally made it to the American Yarns shop on Saturday.  I had a good old mooch around and ended up walking out with stuff I never expected to buy.

The minute I touched the blue yarn on the left I was is the softest stuff you have ever felt....I think it is a mix of casmere and silk...sigh.  The big red ball on the right, Moonnight is a mix of lambswool and cashmere.  Think I'll try my hand at shawls with these ones.  The owner was very patient with me (I think I was there for probably at least an hour).  I was delighted when she gave me a loyalty card.  It's a little thing but honestly I spend so much on this hobby, it's nice to be rewarded for good custom. 

That's all to report really.  It's been a tidying kind of day today while my wonderful mechanic fixed my car - broken engine mount and a timing belt that needed replacing.  I read a bit of the Guardian and am stuck on the Quick Crossword AGAIN!!

Did you know that (according to page 31 of the Guardian) "walking may protect the brain against shrinking and preserve memory in the elderly, according to research by US neurologists who monitored 300 volunteers over 13 years......The study suggests that about 14km a week is the optimum distance for "neurological exercise".  The paper, published in Neurology, the online medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, found no discernible bonus in going further."

Right that does to get back into walking.  Apart from anything jeans are too uncomfortable.

By the way, the kids did return safely :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


If only all milkos were this scrummy!

This is in fact Francesco Scianna who plays the part of Peppino Torrenuova in Giuseppe Tornatore's Baaria.  You remember Mr Tornatore...He made that marvellous hearwarming film Cinema Paradiso.  And a couple of others - like A Pure Formality starring Gerard Depardieu. Baaria is apparently Sicilian slang for the town called Bagheria - Tornatore's birthplace.

I am a complete sucker for Italian films.  It all began back in the lates 70s when I enrolled in Italian at Sydney Uni.  Our teachers encouraged us to avail ourselves of all the free movies at the Uni cinema.....I saw Bertolucci's 1900, I saw Padre Padrone...I probably saw a lot more than that...but they are the ones I remember...

I cheerfully confess that I learned about sex in Italian movies....and violence.  They are a passionate people.

Rather like Bertolucci's 1900, this film attempts to encapsulate a great span of time - from about 1920 through to the 60s and more.  One absolutely needs to suspend disbelief but in the hands of a master storyteller, I had no difficulty.  From the opening scene where the little Peppino runs down the street so fast that he starts to fly, I was entranced.

This is ultimately a story about the human struggle - to live, to fight for one's beliefs, to dream and to believe.  Strong stuff indeed.  It is a story about love, family and politics. Sicily where poverty still is a grim reality, the personal is political.

Ennio Morricone provides the score to lead us through the raging torrent of emotions.  I did not find it overpowering or intrusive - just complementary.  What a powerhouse that man is - I get RSI just rolling through his credits on IMDB.

The cast in turn was stupendous and the cinematography stunning.  Some of the scenery is breathtaking.

It is not for the faint of bladder running at 163 minutes but I loved every second and stayed til the last rolling credit. Of course there are others who would disagree, such as Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian who described it as epically dull and a colossal Stella Artois ad.  Sniff. 

This was part of the Lavazza Italian Film Festival which finished in Brisbane last night.  If you're in Adelaide or Perth I think you may be out of luck for this particular film, though the Festival continues for a couple more days there. 

The rest of you in Australia will have to pray that SBS picks it up or that your local DVD shop sees fit to buy it.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 24

Those of you who know me well would never leave a garden in my care.

I can water potted plants and that is about it.  

Look what threw itself in my path on the way out the back to hang out the washing.

Some orchids have no shame!

Aren't I clever?

And guess what Grand Purl Baa....those socks is finished.  I hope they fit now!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whether to weather the weather or not....

We fondly refer to our local paper as The Curious Mail.

Today it has reached new heights of curiousness.

I beg you to turn to Page 108 of today's edition to fathom the mysteries of the forecast for today.

Should I take my brolly or not?

It says Fine but what if I'm illiterate?  That looks like a great big storm cloud to me.  With lightening even...

Hubby is most put out.  The weather is his favourite topic of conversation.  It goes without saying that B.O.M. (aka the Bureua of Meteorology) is his Favourite website.  Some women unfairly accuse their husbands of browsing the net looking for....well...I won't say....but not my hubbie...he's never happier than when musing upon the radar and all its dusky loops and pointers.

Normally the weather forecast is on the front page of the Curious Mail (well that's what Robbie told me...I've never noticed)....but today it isn't...there's some silly strip ad for Policelink....which forced him to hunt towards the back to find.....nonsense. 

He's in the backyard now, pulling his whiskers looking up at the clear blue sky....wondering.

Friday, October 22, 2010

4 things...

4 things I always carry

Donkey Daw they call me....

1. my basket - a tisket a tasket - it carries just about everything
2. if not my basket - my handbag
3. if not my handbag - my wallet
4. and my phone

4 things that are in my bedroom

1. a pew - yes a real church pew - a hangover from seeing one in a Seventeen magazine 500 years ago
2. books books books
3. toys - yes - it is sad - but all my soft toys are lined up on the pew
4. wonderful wicker chair that my step-mother gave me - so very beautiful

4 things that I would like to do but haven't done yet

1. Go on a cruise - yes - tragic
2. Go to Ireland
3. Go to Canada
4. Go to the US
5. Just GO!!! (Oh sorry it's 4 isn't it?)

4 things that you don't know about me

1. I can put up a spinnaker - well it has been a while but....
2. I can wolf whistle really loudly and do so without much provocation particularly at concerts - very inelegant
3. I studied Latin til Grade 12 - truly tragic
4. I am obsessed with True Blood and deeply in lust with Eric

4 things I often wonder

1. Would Eric be attracted to me?
2. What do dogs smell? (apart from the obvious)
3. Which poor sucker is going to inherit my stash?
4. What else could I be doing?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sunday is meant to be a day of rest isn't it?
No rest for the wicked this end I'm afraid.
I have been on the go all day....
Washing up....
Stripping and making the bed....

Handwashing (gasp!)....


Cleaning bathrooms....

Tidying cupboards....

Back to work tomorrow....
It'll be a relief!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Man those cats can really swing!

Okay - let's have a bit of reminiscing ..

Remember when men wore paisley or harlequin shirts?  and funny hats...and had long hair....and sung strange lyrics?

Deep Purple - Space Truckin'
Uploaded by kalmar. - Explore more music videos.

Originally performed by Deep Purple

Well we had a lot of luck on Venus
We always have a ball on Mars
With meeting all the groovy people
We've rocked the Milky Way so far
We danced around with Borealis
We're space trucking round the stars
Come on, come on, come on,
Let's go Space trucking
Come on, come on, come on, Space trucking!

Remember when we did the moonshot
And Ronny Trekker led the way
We'd move to the Canaveral Moonstomp
And every naut would dance and way
We got music in our solar system
We're space trucking round the stars
Come on, come on, come on,
Let's go Space trucking
Come on, come on, come on, Space trucking!

The fireball that we rode way moving
But now we've got a new machine
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! the frenks say
Man those cats can really swing
The got music in their solar system
The y've rocked around the Milky Way
They dance around with Borealis
They're space trucking every day!
Come on, come on, come on,
Let's go Space trucking
Come on, come on, come on, Space trucking!
Thank God for men.  
Thank God for my man - who replaced the battery
in my car this week - a couple of times until it 
was just right.
Thank God for my son who gives me good hugs and 
texts me about the funniest things.
Thank God for my father who is the host with the 
most, loving, patient and wise.
Thank God for all the sons out there who look me 
in the eye, laugh with me and are resourceful 
in the toughest of times.
It's Saturday night - put on your favourite record 
and your dancing shoes - because you can! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 15 - Happy Hour

Well it's happy hour for the guinea pigs.  The rain has stopped and they are drowning in grass.

Don't you just love animals? 

This is an old photo but a goody....Karen's dogs at the old house....waiting patiently at the bar to be served.....

Did you see this reindeer at the Asia Pacific Triennial at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane - it made lots of people smile with wonder.

What makes you happy?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 14 - My Creative Space

So GrandPurlBaa will be pleased to see that the second sock is almost finished.....

I am ploughing on with Phil's jumper too....courtesy of lovely yarn wrapped lovingly and supplied by Thicket..

My mind is always on the next 50 projects though....recently I was inspired by Tangled Yarns latest newsletter which showcased Berrocco patterns and I am rather fond of a few there....

 I want to make this hoody for Bel....and maybe this top for Lucy

So many patterns, so much wool, so little time.....More creative spaces at Kootooyoo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Self Portrait - aka Wordless Wednesday

Want to see more self-portraits? Go to Tinniegirl's blog...she's responsible for this whole Blogtoberfest thing !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Town

Yes, yes, I know, I know.....I missed a day.  What's my pathetic excuse?  Have I been trimming roses like this guy?

I tell you what, if I didn't deliver on time for this character, who is in fact Peter Postlethwaite playing the part of Fergie in new flick The Town, I'd be worried...very worried about what he was going to do with those secateurs!

Last night, friend Karen and I got to see the latest from Ben Affleck. It was another movie courtesy of the BIFF Film Club and this time at the wonderful Blue Room Cinebar in Rosalie.

This is very much a genre pic....action all the way with a conventional doomed love story sprinkled throughout to keep the girls happy.  Thinks to self, why do girls like doomed love stories????

The cast is a pleasure to's like having a box of Favourites chocolates....ooh look...there's Chris Cooper....ooh look there's whatshisname...what was he in ???? 

I salute the stunt team who choreographed the most exhilarating car chase sequences through the back streets of Charlestown.  In fact perhaps the biggest salute should go to The Town itself because - despite the alarming crime figures and storyline - I really really want to go there now.  The city's architecture is absolutely stunning.  I want to get in there amongst it and see it for myself.

It's not the best movie I've ever seen and I was a bit cranky about the mushy ending.  I prefer to see crims go out in style a la Bonny and Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Call me old fashioned. 

But The Town certainly ticks all the boxes for those of us slaving away at our conventional day jobs, looking for an escape from the mundane for a couple of hours. 

The Town releases in Australia this Thursday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


As opposed to Sunday you understand.

It is the kind of day where one just gets on and does homey and the like.

Beef bourguignon is on the menu for this evening.

Little things make one feel rich....Robbie bought this tin of olive oil  the other day....I have longed for one of these for most of my adult I feel like a proper housewife

Bel came home with a whole tin of Earl Grey tea from work this was past its "Use by" date and the boss bestowed it upon her.....thanks Linda

I've had many lovely cups of proper tea this weekend instead of those silly old bags....

Rain.....oil on troubled waters.....tea and sympathy.....I hope it's smooth sailing your end.....

and wish you little riches for your journey in life.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


The only good Catholics are bad Catholics my husband, with that in mind, I will show you my latest purchase.....

Isn't it beautiful?  1.5 metres of Etsuko Furuya fabric called echino.  I couldn't resist.....I wanted to buy it all.

Now my question to you is...what do I make with it?

Daggy me was going to make a skirt...honestly I am hopeless....but Bel and I now think perhaps a bag....suggestions please.

I really am a greedy girl.....I have a huge stack of books...well four really....two beside my bed and two more growing on my can never have enough books....which one should I read first?

It's Saturday night....beautiful young things are walking in and out the door ready to party.

Hubby and me are eating fish casserole and will probably watch the 2nd disc of the 1st season of The Tudors...just to remind ourselves where bad Catholics began!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday I received a couple of gifts. 

Gift 1 - My boss approved my attendance at an AIM Masterclass.

Gift 2 - I met Jane Mara at a Masterclass and she gave me this apple.

Not for morning tea mind you....but to remind us that Isaac Newton was not slaving away in a science lab when he discovered gravity.

Jane has just written a book called "Intuition on Demand - Activate your intuitive intelligence for business success."

I'm feeling a bit lost at work - trying to drum up business and find new markets.  This Masterclass sounded just the ticket. 

Jane asked us about our personal experience of breakthrough or "Aha!" moments.  I think we pretty much all agreed that they came when we had moved away from the vexing task at hand.  We had gone for a walk or in my case, went to do the washing up.

Jane gave us some techniques for getting into the zone which mostly involved slowing down our breathing and focussing on our heart's rhythm.  She gave us some very interesting insights into our phsyiology.  Stress of course is a big inhibitor to accessing intuition.

Do you use your intuition easily?  How do you solve problems?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thirsty Work

I went back to my local gym this week after winter hibernation and look what was there to greet me!!

My fellow gym-goers have been hard at work, creating beautiful bras for the Girls Night In as part of fund-raising for Breast Awareness month.  Members were invited to purchase a bra (bought from the Salvos) for $5 and then decorate it with a movie theme in mind.  

Can you guess the movies?

These women are just so inspiring.  I love going to the gym.  It's time for me of course which is essential but  I also feel much more connected to my community by going....

The women who run the gym - from owner Sharon through to her crew - Norma, Jill and Anne Joel -are so supportive, thoughtful and enthusiastic.  They are always organising a charity drive of some sort. 

And the members are pretty special too obviously.  They are a cheery bunch at 5:30 in the morning I have to say!  Swapping recipes and sharing jokes.  It's a great way to wake up.

More importantly I can move more easily when I go to the gym regularly and don't feel such an old crock.

Which bra do you like the best?  Did you "get" all the movies?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let Me In

This will be a wordy pictures because I am having difficulty uploading.

Today I am going to deviate from the plan to write about books...I will instead write about pictures or rather a film that friend Deb and I saw last night.....The screening was courtesy of the BIFF Film Club (formerly World Cinema Club).  We always enjoy these nights so I confess to having sent off the invite without looking too closely at the subject matter and lo and behold before we knew it, we were watching a vampire flick.

Now, the experience was not so very shocking for me as I have to confess I have been a bit "into" vampire stuff of late.  If you had told me last year that I would have willingly watching vampire stuff I would have pooh-poohed you.  But ...well...things change....

I steeled myself to go and see my first horror movie earlier this year by the Spierig brothers - Daybreakers...and I survived.  Nay, I positively enjoyed it !!

I bought Justin Cronin's The Passage because of all the fuss....and because it is 700 pages I'm still reading it.

Then I got sucked into the TV series True Blood which at first glance is possibly gratuitous in terms of the amount of sex but heck....the characters are so funny....I'm almost reminded of my Dynasty days with Joan Collins and how addicted I was to that.  AND the Opening Credits are so compelling, I think they could be worthy of a thesis in their own right.

So....I already knew that if a vampire fastens their fangs around your neck, well you become a vampire...and that vampires have to be invited in to your home....But poor Deb had a lot of catching up to do....and well, this was on the big screen ...not the small screen, so gore has a bit more impact.....

There was that awkward moment about ten minutes in when I thought we might have to walk out it was so bloodthirsty.  But Deb was an absolute trooper and we stayed...though she did moan to me at one stage "And they call this entertainment??????"

Let me say that I'm no authority on the genre of horror so there will be better folk than me to review this flick. Having said that, I enjoyed it and primarily because of the performances of the children.

If I have a criticism of the movie it's that there is way too much score.....the score is good if perhaps predictable/pedestrian.

Back to the good bits....performances by Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz are outstanding.  You'll remember Kodi from The Road and Romulus My Father and a stack of other stuff.  Chloe was that girl in Kick Ass.  This is not a glamour vampire pic by any stretch of the imagination.  There was no humour like there is in True Blood - well maybe a smidgin.... This is not so much hard-core vampire stuff as, well I'm a bit lost for words here - maybe doc-horror - bleak rather than a blood-bath.

What is clever about this movie is that it is a mix of genres I think....It is a coming-of-age story combined with a horror story combined with tragedy (there are references to Romeo and Juliet - only Abby doesn't die, she's already dead if you know what I mean).  Being pubescent is a horror story in its own right.  This movie just adds a whole new dimension.  Imagine if you were a 12 year old boy, had incredibly good skin, were bullied mercilessly at school AND were going steady with a vampire.  It sounds incredulous but these kids make it believable. 

The cinematography also makes the movie.  It was shot by the incredibly talented Greig Fraser who also shot Bright Star, The Last Ride and The Boys are Back.

This film is actually a re-make of a Swedish film "Let the Right One In" made in 2088 by John Ajvide Lindqvist.  Unfortunately I haven't seen the Swedish version so I can't compare the two.  Why do people feel compelled to re-make things?  I daresay it's because teenagers may not be bothered to read sub-titles. 

I think this will go down well with teenagers - older teenagers that is at is rated MA 15+.  It deals with all the issues they face and all the dreams they have - how do I get out of this town?  how do I survive being a teenager?  will I ever go steady? how do I escape? am I normal?

Having said that, I think old fogies like me and Deb should venture out of our comfort zones a bit more.  Horror movies probably have a bad name for themselves.  Like much in life, for sheer convenience, we tend to stereotype them.  Perhaps this is the function of horror movies, but this one brought home to me that everything is not necessarily as it seems...Young men who stand in their bedrooms at night wearing horrible masks, wielding a knife in front of the mirror saying "Are you scared little girl?" are not what they seem. ...and vampires can be victims in a strange sort of way....

Let me In opens 14 October at Dendy - if you dare!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sense and Sensibility

I sense rain approaching...

See the rusty red roof of the old workers cottage in the bottom left....I think that cottage is sensing its days are numbered as progress advances at a startling place in the notorious Valley.

And aren't air-conditioning units and vents an affront to the senses when one is above them?!!

Note the jacaranda tree blooming on the right hand side of the picture...that means Uni students are sensing dread.....exams are just around the corner....assignments are due....

What are you sensing at the moment?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Music to My Ears

What is music to my ears?

The humming of a sewing machine....

The purring of a cat.....

Tweetie singing in the morning while I wash up....

Yesterday was a great day....

I didn't get to finish my gift before the fact I missed the Christening altogether....silly me!!

Little Kitty will go in the post today....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sights on Sunday

Dinner's on...(Lamb Tagine) ..... Bread's baked....

Washing's on...

 Garden's blooming....(no credit to me I might add)

Time to get crafting......

Can you guess what I'm going to make?

Yes, Grand Purl Baa ...the socks are Christmas, pet......

This is a little distraction for a little mite who is being Christened today......

Little Mikayla ...I can't wait to meet you !!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Before she asks....yes I am still knitting your socks Oh Grand Purl Baa.....

One got momentarily distracted.....willingly of stepping into Peppermint Stitches again.....

Wouldn't you think one would learn?????

Out I came with this....

It took quite a few photos before I captured the amazing colours in it....It's called Baltic and is Tosh Sock by Madelinetosh

I wanted to take loads of stuff away with me but exercised some self control.....

Would like to tell you more about what I got but you will have to wait... I will hand it out like squares of precious chocolate.

A satisfying Saturday....clothes were taken to charity bins so Molly's boot is clean again.....plastic bags taken to supermarket (why won't Hubbie use the green bags I give him??????) planning from one's new fabulous crockpot book wot Wonderful Aunty Denise gave one for one's birthday...we are having Hungarian Goulash for dinner tonight ....most suitable for a rainy day in Brisvegas.....

Molly was cleaned and vacuumed by the lovely folk at the car-wash place whilst I indulged in citrus tart and a skinny flat white (I kid myself don't I with the skinny coffee....????).  I bought some mats for Molly so she feels quite special now.

Hubbie has been furiously tidying up his study and he and Bel have done a marvellous job of clearing out stuff from the guest bedroom so that Mark actually has somewhere vaguely sanitary to sleep on Monday night.

Okay okay....back to knitting Grand Purl Baa's socks.....

What are you having for dinner?  Have you ever knitted socks?  Are you wearing socks now?  If so, are they special?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Doc-tober - Valentino

Last week I had a bit of a holiday.  Best friend Deb was up from Melbourne with her three gorgeous daughters.  What better activity than to visit the Valentino Retrospective exhibition at GOMA.  We had a ball.  Each girl was instructed to choose her favourite frock. 

A great exhibition is always supported by a great shopping experience afterwards.  Mon Dieu!! The catalogue had sold out!  Twice!!  Catalogue Schmatalogue.  Who needs a catalogue when you can take home the DVD? Valentino the Last Emperor was half the price and worth every cent. 

If you enjoyed The September Issue you'll love this too.  I always dreamed of being a fashion editor.  My mother was a beautiful seamstress and studied dress design at East Sydney Tech - now the National Art School. 

The DVD has special features including - The Perfect Life: Around the World with Valentino.  It seems odd to have a behind the scenes component in an essentially behind the scenes documentary.  Let's call them bonuses....If you didn't get enough...heck, here's some more. 

I couldn't get enough.  It was just amazing.  Valentino can only be described as a phenomenon.  You marvel that one individual can generate such a juggernaut.  And indeed I think the documentary suggests that while Valentino is extraordinary, there is literally an ARMY of other extraordinary individuals behind him making it happen.  From his adoring partner, through to the devoted seamstresses who realise his ambitions, to the worryingly skeletal models and the indefatiguable major domo who keeps the home fires burning.

I always like to know about the people behind the movies, particularly in this instance because to get close to this kind of guy has to have been a Herculanean feat.  IMDB was of no use on this occasion.  You're best just to go the movie's website.  Matt Tyrnauer was the Producer/Director.  If you read his bio it all becomes clear....He is Special Correspondent at Vanity Fair (formerly Editor At Large) of my all-time favourite magazines.  I might add that August's edition features an article by Matt on Valentino's New York pad. 

I could go on but hopefully I've whet your appetite and you can find out more for yourself....who is your favourite designer?  What's your favourite documentary?  What's your favourite magazine? 

(and because I work at AFTRS, I'd better mention that if you would like to study Documentary we are offering a Graduate Certificate in Brisbane for the very first time in find out more click here - and I promise I won't mention work again unless it's absolutely relevant!!)