Sunday, October 10, 2010


As opposed to Sunday you understand.

It is the kind of day where one just gets on and does homey and the like.

Beef bourguignon is on the menu for this evening.

Little things make one feel rich....Robbie bought this tin of olive oil  the other day....I have longed for one of these for most of my adult I feel like a proper housewife

Bel came home with a whole tin of Earl Grey tea from work this was past its "Use by" date and the boss bestowed it upon her.....thanks Linda

I've had many lovely cups of proper tea this weekend instead of those silly old bags....

Rain.....oil on troubled waters.....tea and sympathy.....I hope it's smooth sailing your end.....

and wish you little riches for your journey in life.


Bootsie said...

Yes it is the same down here at Bilinga all we and soggy. We are steak and ???.

Grand Purl Baa said...

Julian brought home a bit tin of olive oil this week for the first time ever.

What is going on with the star!