Sunday, October 31, 2010

All the rest have ....


My weekend has been a mix of triumphs and ordinary pordinaryness.

I fixed a zip in a skirt.  I fixed a bra that got mangled in the wash.

Yesterday I went to the shop that must not be named but sounds like it suffers from measles or should be in showbiz to get new plastic tablecloths to shelter the guinea pigs from tropical downpours....

I of course came out with tea-towels....I do like a good tea-towel.

And some cat fabric - cushions perhaps?

I love looking up numbers on find out so many interesting things.....

Did you know, for example that 31 is a centered triangular number, a centered pentagonal number and centered decagonal number.

It's also Turkish for masturbation - and I say unto you in Spanish, a la Manuel - "Che?????"

So has Blogtoberfest been a w---?  Absolutely not!!

I's been a lot of hard work...and a lot of fun....

God Bless Tinniegirl for bringing all 270 of us together.  It's been a feast!

I will end this month of Blogtoberfesting by saying thank you to all of you for visiting and sharing your triumphs together with your ordinary pordinary days.

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Grand Purl Baa said...

Well I for one liked seeking you here a lot more often.

So anyway how many tea towels do you own. All my tea towels were on the line yesterday, all but the three that were in the kitchen and so I counted them (talking of liking numbers) No I don't have 31 !!! Che? indeed! but I do have 24 tea towels. Is that too many do you think and what I really want to know is how come 21 of them were on the line!!!