Friday, October 22, 2010

4 things...

4 things I always carry

Donkey Daw they call me....

1. my basket - a tisket a tasket - it carries just about everything
2. if not my basket - my handbag
3. if not my handbag - my wallet
4. and my phone

4 things that are in my bedroom

1. a pew - yes a real church pew - a hangover from seeing one in a Seventeen magazine 500 years ago
2. books books books
3. toys - yes - it is sad - but all my soft toys are lined up on the pew
4. wonderful wicker chair that my step-mother gave me - so very beautiful

4 things that I would like to do but haven't done yet

1. Go on a cruise - yes - tragic
2. Go to Ireland
3. Go to Canada
4. Go to the US
5. Just GO!!! (Oh sorry it's 4 isn't it?)

4 things that you don't know about me

1. I can put up a spinnaker - well it has been a while but....
2. I can wolf whistle really loudly and do so without much provocation particularly at concerts - very inelegant
3. I studied Latin til Grade 12 - truly tragic
4. I am obsessed with True Blood and deeply in lust with Eric

4 things I often wonder

1. Would Eric be attracted to me?
2. What do dogs smell? (apart from the obvious)
3. Which poor sucker is going to inherit my stash?
4. What else could I be doing?


Wendy said...

Always wanted to learn to wolf whistle...I'm sure it must be too late now!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Never too late Wendy
And she is an EXCELLENT teacher.