Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Town

Yes, yes, I know, I know.....I missed a day.  What's my pathetic excuse?  Have I been trimming roses like this guy?

I tell you what, if I didn't deliver on time for this character, who is in fact Peter Postlethwaite playing the part of Fergie in new flick The Town, I'd be worried...very worried about what he was going to do with those secateurs!

Last night, friend Karen and I got to see the latest from Ben Affleck. It was another movie courtesy of the BIFF Film Club and this time at the wonderful Blue Room Cinebar in Rosalie.

This is very much a genre pic....action all the way with a conventional doomed love story sprinkled throughout to keep the girls happy.  Thinks to self, why do girls like doomed love stories????

The cast is a pleasure to watch...it's like having a box of Favourites chocolates....ooh look...there's Chris Cooper....ooh look there's whatshisname...what was he in ???? 

I salute the stunt team who choreographed the most exhilarating car chase sequences through the back streets of Charlestown.  In fact perhaps the biggest salute should go to The Town itself because - despite the alarming crime figures and storyline - I really really want to go there now.  The city's architecture is absolutely stunning.  I want to get in there amongst it and see it for myself.

It's not the best movie I've ever seen and I was a bit cranky about the mushy ending.  I prefer to see crims go out in style a la Bonny and Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Call me old fashioned. 

But The Town certainly ticks all the boxes for those of us slaving away at our conventional day jobs, looking for an escape from the mundane for a couple of hours. 

The Town releases in Australia this Thursday.


Robbie said...

I'm constantly amazed how much earlier Australia gets most films than London. I haven't even heard of this yet! Sounds interesting though, although I think I'll be with you on the mushie ending.

HayleyK said...

I loved this movie!!!!

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