Thursday, October 23, 2008


Phew! My Scottish saviour has rung and walking is back on! Jessie will be pleased. Franny has been phoned and alerted to the cause. Walking and talking begins next week. Just when I was getting to my lowest; knowing what the solution was, but too lazy to take it upon myself. Thank goodness for exercise buddies. Robbie recorded Lateline for me and is showing me David Hale - Global Economist. He is a television director's nightmare - moving around in the frame like a flapping spinnaker. But I like the cut of the man's cloth. Bugger the supers I say. The mailbox was chokka today - registration renewal, QBE insurance, newsletters from Ascham and Terrace and the Qld Cancer Fund. Mr Jones arrives tomorrow to service the car. And then it's the weekend. Hooray! Frabjous day. Caloo. Calay. There's a world Thriller challenge on this weekend and the Zombies are getting into it at 4am on Sunday morning. I used to love dancing to Michael Jackson at Jazz Ballet classes in my youth. I fear I would slip a disc now and cause calamity, shame and embarrassment to my nearest and dearest.


capo said...

I've only justuncovered you with the help of grandpurlbaa.
How lovely of you to "comment me" and keep me believing that there might be at least two people out there ......... out there .. echo continues.
Haven't got a clue who or what you are talking about most of the time but I'll keep folowing.
Do you ever sleep?

MostLusty said...

Hey there,
I saw Burn after Reading today and loved it, such layered characters. Frances McDormand is my favourite actress. So devine.

Grand Purl Baa said...

I want to know when you learned how to take such fabulous photos.