Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food, Friends and Fine Fiction

An all-too short weekend. Dear friends came for lunch yesterday - Pat and Steve. I dished up burgers with lamb mince, roasted capsicum, raita and jalapeno chilli sauce courtesy of the wonderful Donna Hay magazine. We drank copious cups of tea and talked about the financial crisis, children and retirement plans. Cas and Bel both went out which gave us a rare night in alone together to listen to our music. Karen came for lunch today and we played ladies with asparagus, salmon and brie roll-ups followed by a quiche being real women. We looked at the old Seventeen Magazine I bought on e-bay and pondered on the effects of advertising which promoted flushable napkins and asked questions like "Want to be Somebody?" As opposed to Nobody I suppose. Then I watched Juno and laughed at the outrageous lines and characters and marvelled at how people come up with solutions that I can't conceive but admire. I finished reading Tim Winton's Breath yesterday - you know that book that sold almost as many copies as Wild Tea Cosies. It was very very good. He explores so many ideas so well and gives a real feel for the angst of puberty and all the rest. What will I read now? I have to take back Cormac McCarthy. Could I read the Heath Ledger bio in time I wonder? - check it out. You have been warned.

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