Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of Mice and Men....

A brief interlude in Byron for a couple of nights. We stayed at the Byron Bay Rainforest Resort. Robert and I agree it's probably more of a swamp instead of a rainforest - not much canopy - but it's probably hard to get guests in the door when you call it a swamp. Not that there's anything wrong with swamps. We found it restful watching a scrub turkey play with his mate and his mound. There were dear little honey eaters in the leaf litter who seemed oblivious of our presence at 5.30 this morning. It's a place where you can take dogs if you want. Next time Jessie. Next time. It's a bit run down but perfectly servicable and much nicer than staying in a cheap hotel. There was a nice big communal kitchen/cabana affair near the pool/spa and we agreed it would be nice to get a big group of people there all staying in cabins. But then again it may not be so peaceful if we did that ! I went to a New Media conference for the day down the road at the very swanky Byron at Byron Resort hosted by Screenworks. A very informative day Ms Chesher - well done ! I particularly valued the Yoga session for my silly back and the speakers were enlightening and patient with luddites such as myself. I was very proud to put up my hand when they asked who blogged. Little did they know I've only been blogging a week or two!!

Robbie played house in the cabin, reading the paper and then caught the bus into Byron to get some tobacco and something for dinner. Whilst having an aperitif he noticed a mouse in the leaf litter. Sometime between my coming home from the conference and our having dinner, said mouse snuck into the cabin. I had my usual waking at midnight fit and read til about 2.30. I polished off Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers-shed a few tears and moved on to Heath Ledger's bio. "Lights out!" I intoned to self. Then the rustling started. Rustle, rustle. Rustle, rustle. Willing myself to sleep, I tried my best to ignore it. Rustle Rustle, Rustle, rustle. "Damn it!, I thought, "That's inside the cabin." I turned on the light. The mouse fixed me with his beady gaze from the kitchen windowsill. I fixed him with a beadier gaze. Then he did a "I'm a very fast mouse" routine up and down the kitchen bench. Then he played statues on the windowsill again. I told him he had very nice ears, turned off the light and let him have whatever he was having. I thought it was the rice crackers. Turned out it was the loaf of rye. Does the plastic make them sick? No sign of him in the morning. I hope he's not sick.

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capo said...

Alex thanks for your supporting comments. I really appreciate them. It's nice to know that there's someone out there.
I'm enjoying your entries. Your wry and cheeky sense of humour comes through very strongly at times.
The "Of Mice and Men ..." one had more of a storytelling feel than the others. I laughed.