Monday, October 20, 2008


Isn't clay a wonderful thing? Deb C gave me this a while ago and I love it. Such nice design and goes so well on my windowsill at work. I ended up at the Avid Reader this afternoon to collect a DVD I ordered - Control. It's Robbie's Christmas present.....shhhhhhh! Can't wait to see it. Then of course I had to make my way out of that landmine of a shop. Ggoodness me - they got me at every turn. I found George's book that he's been slaving over for so long about Leo McKern so that had to go in the basket. Then I found that they had Bastard Boys for half price. That went in too. And then for good measure, given our economic clime I simply had to buy the Upside of Down. So I guess I shall have to do penance now. Perhaps I could give up librarything for lent or something.

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MostLusty said...

Hi Luvvie. Couldn't wait because I somehow knew librarything would be just what I needed/wanted. I am in heaven too. Started with my Tim Winton books and well it was love at first sight. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Like to read your blog and particularly like the Tim, Donna Hay and Avid references. Oh and just bought wild tea cosies which I found through your blog.