Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sandbags and Gridlock

Well they're not very good photos I'm afraid but I'm trying to capture the last couple of days here in Bris-Venice as it is now called......(as opposed to BrisVegas)

There are sandbags lying outside shops and the traffic is chaos.  It is so difficult to know what to do.  We want to help but everytime we get on the road we can't get anywhere.  Today Cas and I ventured out to Indooroopilly took us so long that we just parked the car a couple of streets away and walked the rest of the way.  We were trying to get suitable clothing for him to wear as a volunteer tomorrow to help with the cleanup.....workboots, long pants, long sleeved shirts etc....stuff that teenagers in a tropical climate DO NOT wear as a matter of course....shorts and singlets being more favoured.....

Then we went in search of a medical centre to get Tetanus shots so we can volunteer tomorrow.

Taringa Medical Centre came good - though once again traffic was at a crawl all along Moggill Road...they had already administered 50 tetanus shots by 1pm when we arrived.  I called Kenmore Medical Centre and they had already administered 25.  The Volunteer Centres have been flooded (yes a poor pun I know).

Home via Kenmore MacDonalds when the reality of the disaster finally struck Cas full force....Maccas was closed at midday on a Saturday - quelle horreur!!!

Home by the local bakery and, whilst they were open, all bread, pies etc had been stripped.  He had to make do with a finger bun.

But we are so very fortunate...we are high and dry....we have each other...we have food, power...everything really when so many have so little now.....

Have you been through a disaster?  What did you lose?  What was the worst bit?  What helped you recover?


shandy said...

I have never been flooded out, but we did have a car go through the front of our house. After the immediate shock - we were asleep at the time-what we felt was relief at being unharmed, and then three months of annoyance before the front wall could be rebuilt.

Luvvie said...

Shandy...that happened to some people in our suburb....I can't imagine anything more frightening...funnily enough it seems to be a regular occurrence !!