Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Citizen

This is the mumble mumble bridge in Brisbane....I say that because I never know which bridge is which...we have so many...it could be the William Jolly....isn't that dreadful?  I really should know...I am a grown-up for goodness sake......

It's such a bad photo that it's almost a good photo if you know what I mean....it's raining and taken from the back of a speeding bus.

Coronation Drive is now open and I think they go along it very fast in case Coronation Drive decides to fall into the fast moving Brisbane river.

It was freezing on the bus.  I think they had the airconditioning up very high because it was such a stinking hot day.  I shall proably die of pneumonia before I die of cholera or typhoid.

The dear Council sent me lovely thank you messages for being a volunteer on the weekend.  "Too easy"  - as the young folk seem to say these days.  I was glad to help.  It was frustrating sitting at home and watching it on telly.  I was glad to be doing something.

Hopefully I can do more.

What's the worst photo you've ever taken?  I do remember taking one of my poor godmother in two halves.  The top half and then the bottom half - hilarious when you think about it.  Waist up.  Waist down.  At the time it made perfect sense.  She was way too big to fit in the viewfinder.  It's all about perspective isn't it?  When something is too big...think about taking a step back and then things might fit in the viewfinder.


Captain Nick Sparrow said...

So sorry to hear about the flood. That's awesome you guys went and helped out!

kristieinbc said...

I just found your blog through Ravelry (I was looking at your Owl sweater and one thing led to another). Thanks for sharing about volunteering with the clean up from the flooding. We have heard lots about the floods here in Canada. It is heartbreaking.