Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthdays and Readathings

Okay my lovelies - the challenge is on....

A couple of weeks ago we had a knit-in at Avid Reader with my good friend Grand Purl Baa.

Now we need to prepare for the Readathing in August.

August 22 to be precise.

Which also happens to be the day after my god-daughter's birthday.  Happy Birthday in advance Lucy!!

And my father's birthday.  Happy Birthday Jim!

Very shortly it will be my daughter's birthday.  Happy Birthday Bel!

Not to mention my niece's birthday - ten days later.  Happy Birthday Grace!!

Do you have months like that?  Where it's everyone's birthday?

Anyway back to the Readathing as organised by Librarything.

I have to read in public for an hour.

Where should I do it boys and girls?  Suggestions please.

I will be reading The Passage by Justin Cronin.  It's about vampires and such like....

Pray for me - it's 766 pages....


Grand Purl Baa said...

Well you need to read in public at Avid of course with other public readers.

Novel(excuse the pun) - reading in a bookshop with other readers!

If you were younger I'd suggest read in the pub - but you are far too old for that now.

I'll come if I can read a knitting book or better still knit a reading book.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I'm going to read in public for ReadaThing too! I was thinking of maybe going to the dog park but I'm not sure yet. A coffee shop would be easy. Let me know what you decide!

Luvvie said...

NB Change of date!! August 22 not August 21 - silly me! Grand Purl Baa I would adore your company.....Captain Nick Sparrow I will be with you in spirt. Must take photos and post them our blogs :)

Grand Purl Baa said...

Grandpurlbaa forgot all about it and languished instead in the comfort of her Sunny Coast lounge chair in post Election Party blues.

Intressting times ahead.
Intressting times.

Can I still be your friend please?

Luvvie said...

Mais bien sur ma petite..! Je t'adore ...feelin a bit Francais aujourdhui ....