Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grace Green

Meet Molly.  Molly is sister to Milly aka Milly Mazda.  I named Milly Milly because Milly means hardworker and lord knows my car needs to be a hard worker - driving people to sporting events, horsey dos, parties, work, family etc.  Molly is called Molly because of Milly Molly Mandy - my favourite book when I was a child.  No, we will not be getting a Mandy. And no, Milly hasn't's just that Robbie's van is on it's last legs and there are more drivers in the family now so competition for wheels is hotting up.....

Molly is a diminutive of Mary which could, according to the Behind the Name site, could mean "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child". "However it was most likely originally an Egyptian name, perhaps derived in part from mry "beloved" or mr "love"."  Let's go with beloved.

I would call the colour military green but according to the manual it is Grace Green.  I have never heard of green being described in this way - have you?

And while we're on the subject of Grace Green...did you know that there is an author called Grace Green?  She writes Harlequin/Mills and Boon type books with titles like An Eligible Bachelor, The Only Man to Trust, Forever Wife and Mother, His Potential Wife and oh my goodness gets worse....A Bittersweet Promise and Trouble in Paradise.......Do I want to drive this car anymore???????!!!!!!

Let's go back to Milly Molly Mandy - much more reassuring.....

If you haven't read Milly Molly Mandy by Joyce Lancaster Brisley, you simply must.  There is all manner of advice in this series of books from how to budget, how to redecorate bedrooms, how to be a friend and so on.  When I was little, I was lucky enough to have a friend who looked just like Milly Molly Mandy and since I have grown up, I now have a friend called Susan who I meet once a year at the Movie Convention.  I am truly blessed.  What was your favourite book when you were little?

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