Tuesday, October 27, 2009


William Robinson
Goats and Chickens 1980

Hmmm...bliss....yesterday I had the pleasure of inspecting the recently restored Old Government House and the fantastic new William Robinson Gallery.

Please go and see this exhibition. We are so lucky to have it in Brisbane. It's open Sundays to Fridays 10am-5pm or, to put it another way, it's closed on Saturdays!

Go to QUT's Garden's Point campus. The Gallery is on the top floor of Old Government House and it's free! Catch the lift up just for fun (it's a very special kind of lift and worth seeing) or, if you want to keep fit, go up the grand staircase.

Robinson's work is so diverse, so rich and full of great humour, it is balm to the soul. Allow at least an hour because you will want to go back and look at his works again and again.

There is a tea-room in the courtyard offering ribbon sandwiches or traditional high teas with the menu highlight being lamingtons. I think lamingtons can really only do damage to one's waistline but I'm happy to be convinced otherwise. Perhaps it really is a weapon of mass destruction!

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