Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Daws are renowned for being late - late to parties, gatherings, whatever. Some would say that they would be late for their own funeral. Well, today, I officially became a Daw. Miss Pat and Kath and I turned up for Decoration Day at Tingalpa Cemetery armed with buckets, scrubbing brushes, borax, sugar soap, fake flowers, a plate of food to share, stout shoes, hats, cameras, a thermos, mugs, sugar etc etc. and we were ..... A DAY LATE!!! Oh well - the cemetery looked lovely and thank you to whoever cleaned our grave....we owe you one...or two...perhaps at the Edinburgh Castle. The Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage Group Inc. are to be commended for their fine work in restoring the Pioneers' Chapel and Cemetery. It looks absolutely beautiful and there are some very fine people buried here. I just would have liked to meet the living ones too! Perhaps next year - when I'm not so relaxed on Long Service Leave!!!! :)

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Little Snoring said...

Ooops, bit a of shame really seeing that you were so prepared! I hope you are not late back to work!