Friday, October 23, 2009


Why do I always go grave hunting on hot days? I was sort of prepared - stout walking shoes, bottle of water, camera, hat and most importantly, companion - to keep one motivated. Miss Pat accompanied me to the Lutwyche Cemetery today in search of her ancestors. Foolishly I forgot to bring details of the portion and plot number. But really this was the universe moving in mysterious ways to test whether my records were kept in a retrievable fashion and if my daughter could easily find them when I phoned her in sheer desperation !! They were in good order and she was a good egg and provided us with a portion, a section and an allotment number....only we still couldn't track it down. Lutwyche Cemetery has a number of portions - Church of England, General, Catholic etc.

Refreshments were called for. And the Edinburgh Castle Hotel on Gympie Road was happy to supply them. Miss Pat dined on steak whilst I partook of fish and chips. Oh alright and some light beer was consumed too. We rang Great Aunt Alice who used to visit the grave regularly. She gave us a good description and refreshed we returned to the scene of the dead people.

We looked and looked and finally settled on a glum plot as being at least in the right row. We then went looking for a groundsman who very helpfully confirmed our suspicions and taught us to count grave-ly.

And look! If I'd done my homework first Brisbane City Council have made it SO easy for us all!!! Check out their Grave Location Service.

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Little Snoring said...

Glad you found it in the end, and lunch with beer looked scrummy!