Monday, May 31, 2010

Turkish Delight

I entered my tea cosy - Turkish Delight - into the Brookfield Show this year.

Needlework Section 6B is a fairly broad section - Garments and other items - 6 months to there was everything from jumpers to shawls to socks to tea cosies. 

The Brookfield Show has quite strict and detailed regulations - No soiled items.........Must be made within the previous 2 years ....

Every tea cosy entered was one of Grand Purl Baa's designs. 

Mine didn't even get a mention - sniff. 

Some enterprising knitter from Coonabarabran entered a whole box of stuff (how can someone from NSW enter the Brookfield Show I ask you?????) and took out 1st prize with a man's jumper with some kind of fancy stitching - Aran I think they call it. 

But I was mature about it. 

I went to the Preview and hob-nobbed with the other was the 100th year of the Brookfield Show so I wanted to enter into the spirit of things. 

The patchwork as always was stunning. 

And I caught up with some dear friends from another lifetime. 

I went to collect my tea cosy the following Monday night - Entries must be collected by 7pm.

I had carefully kept my handwritten receipt in my wallet so I didn't lose it.

Turkish Delight was patiently waiting for me like a kid at childcare - the last item left on the long trestle table....I rushed down the dark path towards the brightly lit Brookfield hall - apologising profusely for being the last bloody entrant to collect her stuff....

As I reached for Turkish Delight, the woman behind the trestle table bid me "Wait!" hand fell obediently to my side....

"I'll get the judge's comments" she said "What entry number are you?"

"203" I replied earnestly....thinking to self ...."Judge's unexpected bonus"......

The woman rifled through the sheaf of judge's notes endlessly, then eyed me and observed...... "No comment."....

It really was quite extraordinary how many emotions I went through in the space of 90 seconds - from tired stress commuter to chastened schoolgirl to hopeful undiscovered artist to sheer bloody humiliation.....

Turkish Delight and I crawled out of there resolving to pack off a box to Coonabarabran next year. 

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Little Snoring said...

No comment? No comment? Wot? What is wrong with those people? Have they no taste?