Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Batch

These won't help the diet at all of course but I just had to make them....Basic Ingredients direct marketing worked a treat and I couldn't resist the 2k offer. 

I'll just keep practising until I get them right.  They've sunk a bit so I guess that means I need more yeast.

A big week what with the launch of Grand Purl Baa's book and all.

Here's the window display at Avid Reader last night.

Here's a sunset from my car window the night before when I was doing a pracise run via West End.

I know these aren't fabulous photos - they're taken with my mobile phone....

And this is the pedestrian bridge from the restaurant at GoMA last night...

I think the bridge looks best at night.... it looks like a cat's was designed by Michael Rayner.... and is called the Kurilpa Bridge.  Kurilpa is the original name for the West End area and was a neutral meeting place for Aboriginal tribes.  Kurilpa means place of water rats.  We were very well fed water rats last night dining at the GoMA restaurant.  Afterwards we were entertained, nay moved, by the melodious and beautiful voice of Kamahl who sang all sorts of songs from the 70s that I had completely forgotten.  It's hard to say which song I enjoyed the most....he sang All I Have to Offer You (Is Me), Wind Beneath My Wings, The Sounds of Goodbye, The Elephant Song, Ol' Man River, The Way we Were and some more but I can't remember and finished with My Way.  Fabulous stuff.  Thank you Kamahl!!!

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Grand Purl Baa said...

Oh I see. Kamahl. You should have said girl. You should have SAID.

Lots of love