Thursday, March 11, 2010

Farewell the Kelvinator

It's the end of an era!  This week the streets have been littered with people's junk.  If you knew us well you'd know we are the kings of junk...our house is full of it.  This week was an ideal opportunity to get rid of it but it's a brave person that comes between Robert and his junk.  It has also been bucketing down this week in Brisbane....and I mean bucketing....all the junk (mattresses, sofas, bookcases, desks) has been absolutely it is really junk now....I couldn't bear to put our junk out to get absolutely ruined...and so inevitably (because you never really know when the truck is coming around to get the junk)....b-i-l (aka Brother-In-Law) John rings Robert and asks him to help move a fridge from a rental property out into the neighbouring streets to get rid of it....but Robert can't resist... a fridge eh?  So it comes home to us instead of being put out onto the street.  It seems to work and is sexier looking than our old Kelvinator out in the workshop which keeps the beer cool in the beer is transferred into the new old fridge and the old fridge is waddled out into the carport ready to go out onto the footpath for whenever the truck comes.   Of course the truck comes at sparrow's f.... this morning and by the time we rush out the door, it's at the bottom of the street.  Typical!!  I'm in my nightie....barely respectable.  Robert runs down the street to sweet talk the men in flouro shirts.  They promise to come back.  We hear the truck rattling and banging around the streets.  I get a six pack out of the new old fridge to place as an inducement on top of the old fridge.  I have a shower and get dressed.  Perhaps I'd better get in the car and find out where the truck is...but Lo!!  They did come back!!  They were very pleased to see the six-pack.  They put our dear old Kelvinator in the back of their truck and squashed it.  That Kelvinator that served us in many shared houses and rental properties...Carrington Street, Leybourne Street, Equinox Street and probably many before those.  One of the boys tried to take Robbie's "trolley" and chuck that in the back of the truck too....but that was rescued...That trolley is a work of recycled art....bits of this and bits of that....Thanks boys for coming back!!!  One less bit of junk!


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Grand Purl Baa said...

Carrington Street! You are KIDDING! You two are a worry.