Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Nothing really to report but just want to crow a little bit that when I went for my monthly weigh-in this morning, I actually somehow managed to weigh less than I did before Xmas. Hallelujah! So, since I joined Curves I have lost 13.5 centimetres. The weight loss is negligible (sp?) but it's a loss. We start a weight management plan thingy this weekend.

In other breaking news, I have discovered Book Crossing and released my first book into the wild on Monday. I am conducting a controlled release today.

I might go exploring today too. As I dropped off an Express Post parcel to the Valley Post Office last night I noticed a new knitting shop around the corner in Chester Street. It took all my self control to keep driving the car home and not stop and have a look. It's called Tangled Yarns . I can't believe there is a knitting shop so close to where I work - it's a dream come true.

Saw Sherlock Holmes on Sunday night with dear friend Karen which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not all gooey for Robert Downey Jr. like a lot of women seem to be...and I spent most of the movie thinking Rachel McAdams was Kylie Minogue - sorry Rachel. Music by Hans Zimmer - my personal all time favourite composer. I am very interested to see what Inception is about - Zimmer did the music for this was one of the trailers leading into the film and stars scrummy Leonardo di Caprio - what is it about that boy that I love so much???? It's not out til July apparently - can I last that long???? By Chris Nolan - who did The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Insomnia and Memento.....should be good huh?

Off to see Bright Star tonight - should be a visual feast. Am also looking forward to seeing it because it is set in exactly the same time zone as the book I was reading a couple of weeks ago The American Boy so it should be fun to compare the about Keats and one a fictional musing about Edgar Allen Poe's childhood.

Am I a culture vulture or what????


little hat said...

Are you more curvy or less now alex?
Bright Star! enjoyed it but a bit too cute.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

What book did you release out into the world? How did you pick it?

Luvvie said...

Little Hat - yes, Bright Star requires lots of thought on my part....Captain Nick Sparrow...I released Mistress of Spices because it came into our house would own up to lending it to me and it is a bit of a mystery/magical book so I thought it was best released in this fashion. The reality is that we have run out of shelves too so I'm giving away the ones I'm not desperately in love with....