Sunday, January 24, 2010


I pronounce this the year of the salt and pepper shaker! Let me explain....Christmas is a tricky time of year for our family. Robbie loathes presents and gift giving (mostly because the thought of the credit card debt gives him apoplexy) so gifts to each other is approached with caution. This year he proclaimed a need for a drill, went out and bought it for himself and before I could stop him, wrapped it as well and put it under the tree. My task then became to get him something cheap but cheerful from somewhere like Crazy Clarks so he couldn't get cross with me for spending too much money. I found what I thought was the perfect gift - battery operated salt and pepper shakers. We have inherited a variety of salt and pepper shakers from friends and relatives moving house...none of which work properly...the ones from Crazy Clarks were a bit putrid to look at but you pays your money.....Christmas Day arrived...Robbie opened his surprise gift and was I thought not as chuffed as I thought he might have been...but then, it was Christmas Day. And then I opened my present...two battery operated salt and pepper shakers...only really nice ones...really expensive Russell Hobbs ones. Ooops!

But wait, there's more!!! Friends of ours went to Sri Lanka to catch up with rellies over Christmas. We looked after their Fighting Fish and Budgie. On their return they plied us with gifts; genuine Ceylon tea, shimmering shawls and ..... salt and pepper shakers...but aren't they something? They remind me of a what-not I've been carrying around for years that I was given as a child - the kissing bunnies...I can't throw it out...I don't know who got it for me...maybe Daddy returning from one of his trips ....Compliments of the Season to you....hugs and kisses all around...and if you want to catch up on a bit of etiquette regarding Condiments I urge you to check out the video here....which gives all sorts of advice about buttering bread rolls and passing salad dressing to your right...but apparently you don't ever pass the salt and pepper unless you are specifically asked for it. Why ??? Can anyone tell me??? Condiment by the way comes from the Latine - condire - to Condiments of the Season to you!!!

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