Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have had a wonderful few days. On Friday some friends from Bookclub and I shared a very indulgent day. Eva's wonderful daughter Lucy drove us to Southbank where we bought tickets to see The Time Traveller's Wife which I think we read for bookclub last year. The author is Audrey Niffenegger. The director was Robert Schwentke (Flightplan) and stars Eric Bana which was probably the main reason I wanted to see it. I find him exceedingly spunky and in the story he has the unfortunate habit of time travelling and arriving in the new time zone completely starkers. How very inconvenient! Tee hee. I think the movie was a very faithful adaptation of the sensibility of the book. Do take tissues - even this most hard-hearted creature was sniffing at the end.

After the movie we moved on to the Food and Wine Fair at the Convention Centre. So much fun. It's amazing how all is well with the world and how nice people seem once you've had a few wines :) I sampled lots of lovely stuff including a Chardonnay from Protero vineyards. I've gone over to Sauvignon Blanc of late but this Chardonnay was very yummy. I was also impressed with the Limoncello from Lemon-Z. Made in New Zealand it has won lots of international awards apparently. Try it but go easy - at 38% alcohol it packs a punch.

There were all sorts of Masterclasses going on but I was far too relaxed and left buying tickets til we walked in the door. Next year I'll be much better prepared and book early. I did manage to catch the very tolerant and obliging Gary Mehigan from Masterchef for a mobile phone photo as he exited from a packed Masterclass. Thank you Gary! Masterchef is a fantastic show !

We finished off the evening checking out the talent at Cloudland and The Bowery while we waited for Lucy to finish work and drive us home. Bless Lucy for putting up with us.

On Sunday I drove up to the Scenic Rim to visit the wonderful Gardners in Warwick. After a great lunch Steve took us for a drive around the attractions including the amazing Morgan Park which features not only equestrian facilities for Polocrosse, Horse Trials and Carriage Driving but also space for Drag Racing, Car Racing and Motocross. Incredible!

Last but by no means least, lots of sucess on the family history front including finding new 2nd cousins once removed...one of whom sent me this fantastic photo of a wedding featuring my 2nd-great-grandfather, James Cook - yes the very one on the HMS Monarch. He is the one in the very flashy plumed hat in the middle row second from the right - just to the top right of the bride. We think the bride is Beatrice, Eleanor Eliza's younger sister. Eleanor was my great-grandmother and the eldest of twelve. Mabel, another sister, is on the bride's left (but right as you look at the photo. Mabel is my new cousin June's grandmother and next to Mabel is John, grandfather of another new cousin Geraldine, who I also met on Ancestry. Thank you June and Geraldine. It's great to meet you and share such a fine-looking bunch of ancestors !

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Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I liked The Time Traveler's Wife too. Nice to have an alternate (more pleasant) ending in the movie as an option as well.