Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just thought I'd share some nonsense with you.

Silly story. I was trying to be sophisticated like my bridesmaid and use the term "Moi" in a subject heading for a mobile phone message the other day when I was sending a photo of myself with the Masterchef to my children. Only predictive text got in the way as I pressed send and changed it to "Moistened" - quelle embarrassement!

Second silly story...I'm studying Wills and Administrations...I know...I know....BORING! But it means I get to study old English and have some fun...well my idea of fun anyway....I bought a glossary at QFHS on Tuesday and have been reading it in bed imagining new conversations with my's the creation I came up with as I worked my way selectively through the alphabet....

1. AMBRY - large cupboard with doors, usually for food, but later used for books, linen, clothes etc. as in

"Hey Robert! Can you get my cardy out of the ambry for me please. I'm feeling a bit chilly."

2. CODD - (1) pillow or cushion (2) a bag. As in

"Yeah right - as if. Stop lazing around on your codd and get it yourself, you old codd."

3. ELL - measurement of 42 inches. As in

"Go to ell Robert. After all I've done for you. Don't know why I waste my breath ..."

4. GOSSIP - cousin, good friend or godfather. As in

"Right - that does it. I don't need to sit here and be insulted. I think I'll go down the pub with my gossip rather than sit here and listen to this tripe..."

5. ISSINGLASS - pure form of gelatine obtained from the air bladders of some fresh water fish, particularly the sturgeon. Used for making jellies or clarifying liquors etc as in

"Well if you're going to the pub Robert, could you pick up some issinglass on the way home for me? I fancy some jelly for tea tonight." (I do realise I am clutching at straws here.)

6. KILDERKINS - casks for liquids, fish etc. holding from 16 to 18 gallons. As in

"Anything for you my sweet. I might even bring home a Kilderkin for ye. Moselle or Perth Pink pet?"

7. MULLOCK - rubbish. As in

"Perth Pink thanks love. And don't forget it's mullock night tonight. Can you put the bin out for us?"

8. ODER - other. As in

"Is it recycling or the oder one?"

9. QUICK GOODS - livestock. As in

"Recycling. And don't be tallying too long with Farmer Joe - that man could bang on about his quick goods til the cows come home. I want you home by six."

10. SCONCE - lantern or candlestick with a screen to protect it from the wind. As in

"That reminds me, best take me sconce just in case eh?"

11. URCHIN - a hedgehog. As in

"Yes, you don't want to be tripping over an urchin like the last time! It took me forever to get those spines out of your....well let's not go there."

12. YATE - gate. As in

"Don't I know it. Blasted thing was right in front of the Yate. I reckon it were an ell long. Had to sit on codds for weeks."

See - you could be me and have a real problem. Back to cleaning the bathrooms...

Oh and MOST IMPORTANTLY this lovely hedgehog picture comes from another blog called Thought Objects and you really should look at the animation that it's a Russian filmmaker called Yuriy Norshteyn. Go on - have a look at it. I love it....Hedghog in the Fog I love animators - they have such a special outlook on the world.

Oh and thanks to Rosemary Milward who published the excellent Glossary of Household, Farming and Trade Terms from Probate Inventories which helped me come up with this fantasy....I know you'll want to rush out and buy it.


Grand Purl Baa said...

Well my codd, light my sconce if oi haven't erd so much mullock in all me loif.

Little Snoring said...

I love that you are embarrassing your children without even trying, I am off to watch that animation....

ps. love you trying to incorporate some of the those lovely words into your everyday idiom... could be just what the modern workplace needs... I could think of a few people to call an Urchin

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

You are hysterical!