Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do be an angel.....

Studio shot of a young woman dressed as an angel or a fairy c 1929
...and join me next month in a readalong of Elizabeth Taylor's Angel in July - that's only a week away!  The lovely Laura  arranged hosting of the Elizabeth Taylor Centenary celebrations this year and we've had a lot of fun along the way.

I encourage you to grab a copy of this slim volume and join me on a weekly basis to discuss your thoughts.

The Virago Modern Classics edition I have was published in 1984 - although the original was published in 1957.  Paul Bailey wrote the introduction to my volume.  He says:
 Angelica is the odd woman out in Mrs Taylor's gallery of women, and in some ways her boldest conception.  To write about a purveyor of twaddle and yet render her preposterousness human is a challenging task, for the likes of Angelica - Marie Corelli, Ouida, E.M. Hull, Ehtel M. Dell - are somehow above this mortal coil.  
Saturdays are good days for me as I work full-time and I hope that fits in with those who reside in the northern hemisphere too.  I propose the following schedule:

Saturday 7 July - Theme - Purveyors of Twaddle - I've read a few....which authors or purveyors of twaddle are your guilty secrets?  Which books do you devour rather than read?  Are purveyors of twaddle necessary in this hectic/stressful world in which we live?  Or are they end of civilization as we know it?

Saturday 14 July - Theme - Reviewers - Some reviewers are the bane of Angel's life.  Which reviewers do you find most useful?  Are readers the best judge?  What do you look for in a review?

Saturday 21 July - Video Chat - I'm keen to host a Google+ hangout to discuss your thoughts about the book so far.  Please let me know asap if you're up for it and where you are so we can try and agree on a time that will suit both hemispheres.....I'm thinking about 9pm Saturday night Brisbane time which would be midday Saturday London time and 7am Saturday New York time, I think. 

Saturday 28 July - Wrap Up - by now we should have all read the book and I will highlight your thoughts etc.

When you share your thoughts on the book please do so via a Mr. Linky on Laura's Elizabeth Taylor Centenary page.

Please note that I have 36 followers on this blog and months ago I did promise a prize for the 40th 50th follower so tell anyone you think might be interested in joining us next month.....and get your reading wings on!

PS Sorry about the change to 50th follower - I realised that it was in celebration of my 50th per this post !  Silly me....

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