Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elizabeth Taylor Centenary

I've just had some lovely news from Laura of Laura's Musings.  As one of the host of the Elizabeth Taylor Centenary monthly read-a-longs I will be receiving a copy of the new Virago publication of Elizabeth Taylor's short stories.  How exciting is that?

I will be hosting the read-a-long in July for Angel.

If you haven't read any Elizabeth Taylor before I really encourage you to read her work.  The author is not THE Elizabeth Taylor of the screenworld.  Rather THE Elizabeth Taylor of the literary world.  Her novels are slim (hallelujah!) and her stories are...well ...they are hard to describe.  If you want to get a sense of her style check out some of the discussions on other hosts' blogs e.g. Simon's discussion of a View of the Harbour or FleurFisher's review of A Wreath of Roses.  The current discussion is being hosted at BuriedinPrint

Now what I am thinking about doing is hosting one or several Hangouts on Google+ to discuss Angel.  I think this would be really fun.  A virtual international bookclub if you will.  Are you on Google+ ?  Would you like to join my hangout?  I'll have to get familiar with international datelines etc and try and choose a time that might suit parties in both the northern and southern hemispheres but it will be fun, don't you think?  I haven't tried a hangout yet but this article seems to indicate that you can do all sorts of things like share screens/e-book shots etc so....let me know if you're on Google+ and would like to participate and I'll get the ball rolling with a date and a time.


FleurFisher said...

I know nothing about Google+ and I'm a little tied up with family things at the moment, but I've been looking forward to rereading Angel in July, so I'm sure we'll cross paths somewhere that month.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Jane

Indeed. I've been terribly busy of late and need to catch up on my Elizabeth Taylor reading too. Talk soon.