Thursday, March 1, 2012


Country Women's Association Cup and Saucer at Caboolture Historical Village

 This is one of those quick posts to say Hello World!

I have been very busy of late obviously hence the lack of posts.  I have also started a new blog which does take up more of my time and about which I am being a bit more disciplined.  

Some would say that blogging is a distraction or a way of procrastinating and not getting on with what one should actually be doing. 

In my case, that would be study!!

But I did want to record that I finally went to visit the Caboolture Historical Village this month. 

It was well worth the visit and a beautiful day for it.

It's probably best to visit the village in a group or when it's a special day and lot is going on.

I was able to visit most of the displays in relative peace but I did feel a bit lonely!

There are lots of original buildings with quite interesting collections and re-enactments, as it were.

I was reminded of my trip to Old Sydney Town back in the 70s when I was at school.  It was lots of fun there with convicts being flogged et al.  But I understand it was never a going concern and has closed now. 

Why do you think these sorts of places do or don't work?