Monday, July 25, 2011


The wattle is out in our suburb and it smells divine.  No doubt this is causing angst for some fellow hayfever sufferers but I love it.

I went for a walk this morning.  It was a bit nippy in the foothills of Mt Coot-tha and I was rather sorry I wasn't wearing my mitts.
I ran into the cheerful wandering weeders near the Hut on my way back from the coffee shop.

And spotted this luminous beauty on the path.  What is it?  Can anyone identify it for me?  Is it boronia?

I'm glad I walked.  It's been a while and I needed to walk off the trifle I had made on the weekend in honour of the international guest who came to dinner on Saturday night.

I tried out the recipe for Lime Curd Trifle here .  Of course Woolies and Coles only had lemon curd didn't they?  Then I foolishly tried to make creme anglaise - twice.  Eight eggs later, I chucked both efforts down the garbage muncher - such a waste I know - I could have cried.  I jumped into the car for the 3rd time that day and went and bought custard in a carton.  If I had been watching Masterchef this week apparently I would have picked up tips.

I really should have made the trifle the previous day.  It is always better after a good long soak.  It was the first time I had made a gluten free cake so that was interesting.   I don't fancy this trifle as much as Aunt Jane's tipsy trifle in Babette Haye's 200 Years of Australian Cooking though.  

And the quantity is ENORMOUS!!  Please note this recipe would be marvellous for a function of say 30 people!! 

Can you make custard?  Or Creme Anglaise?  What's your secret? 

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