Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not happy Jan!

Third Daughter by John Brack (1954) drypoint National Gallery of Australia purchased 1977 copyright Helen Brack 

Look at this gorgeous card sent to me by my colleagues in Sydney on the day of my departure!

It was a perfect choice and I appreciate the effort that went into finding just the right card, don't you?  I do like a good card and this is an excellent one.

I love John Brack's work though I must confess I did not recognise this piece.  I am probably more familiar with works like Collins Street et al. I will enjoy hunting it down in the National Gallery next time I am in Canberra.

My last day at work was a bit frantic...colleagues from Sydney flew up to help me complete paperwork and tidy up odds and sods.  There were lots of drop in visitors and banking and re-direction of mail and quick orientations for those left behind.  Former colleagues and industry members met me for a drink after work at the very pleasant Merthyr Bowls Club.  We used to use this as a venue for Christmas parties and other occasions when our office was in New Farm.  There were shrieks of joy as I placed the box of old photos on the table and I was spoiled rotten with fine food, drink, pressies and companionship.  People very sweetly listened to my five page speech (I kid you not!).  I have, as they say, closure :)

And so it's on to new and interesting stuff....a librarianship course through University of Canberra which I hope will make me a better researcher.  I am frightened, and excited, by how much I don't know, if that makes sense. 

So stand by for some no doubt tedious discursives on information seeking behaviour and collection management...sprinkled with the odd bit of knitting, sewing and book reviews.

I will miss my friends at AFTRS more than I can is a special special place, that's for sure.  The good thing though is that there is life after AFTRS and I can still keep in touch.

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Captain Nick Sparrow said...

What a great drawing, from the shoulders to the fists!

Good luck with your new venture! How exciting for you!