Monday, February 21, 2011

The Golden Tardis

It started when I gave a friend a kobo e-reader back in July.

“Ooh!” she said. “It’s great! Can you knit me a cover for it?”

I forgot her birthday in December. I rang and apologised profusely and invited her to lunch……..


I started knitting……

…..Last night.

I found this great free pattern on Ravelry. Tardis Kindle Case

“Kindle. Schmindle” I thought. “She’ll be right.” (Australian for “I don’t know what I’m doing but trust me.”)

I didn’t have any blue wool - well, some, but not enough.

“It will be a golden tardis.” I thought to self.

I think it was worsted weight. I think I might have been a bit worsted too. It was very hot yesterday.

I didn’t have a 7mm needle. “6.5mm is close enough”, I thought.

And yes, you guessed it….I didn’t have time to do a swatch.

“What’s Judy’s Magic Cast On?…..” I thought. Three You-Tube videos later, much sucking of teeth and four false starts and I was away. Just like a pro.

”I’ll just go up to Row 40” I thought “and leave the Argyle-y stuff til the morning.”

But that’s the fun bit right?

And it was after midnight, so theoretically, it was morning.

I got the windows done but then I started to run out of yellow wool…..

“It will be a Golden Tardis with a blue roof.” I thought.

I finished it. 2:30am.

Then I measured it.

Then I googled “Felting”….

What should I do? Should I call it a hot water bottle cover and omit any references to Dr Who?

Should I felt it and carry on bravely?

Should I just buy her a book and be done with it?


Grand Purl Baa said...

felt it and give it to her girl.
Felt it and give it to her!

Anonymous said...

I'm with GPB!!!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

A homemade present is always a winner!

Stafford Ray said...

I'd be absolutely delighted with anything 'tardis', and who can argue with BPG? Felt it and feel good about it!

Candace said...

LOL! That is excellent! I'm finishing one up, now. When I saw the title, I thought maybe you were combining Harry Potter and Dr Who somehow. Maybe you could stuff it and call it a travel pillow. ^_^