Tuesday, September 8, 2009


First let me acknowledge that this wonderful picture is from a Conde Nast publication - Machine Knitting by Jones in Hayfield Yarns - Designs by Vogue Knitting in a supplement to Vogue Knitting from 1969 - Volume 15 No. 6. And here is the description in case the photo doesn't get you in - Casual (!) and pretty - the new look twin sets - high ribbing meets lacy shell stitch. The scarves were from Libertys and the skirts were from a selection at Dickins & Jones. I suspect Peter Rand was the photographer as his name is written up the side of the publication.

So I say unto you - if you've ever worried about what you're wearing or what you popped the kids into today, surely it couldn't be worse than this? Does anyone else remember wearing tights like those? and shoes like those?

I am sure we are wearing things today that in 40 years time we will say "OMG - why didn't someone SAY something before I walked out the door!". What do you think are today's wardrobe elephants?

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Brill said...

Hi Luvvie, thanks for the comment on my blog!

Re Jesse James- in fact he is named precisely after "The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford" -- which is my OH's favourite film & Jesse is 'his' cat in as much as Pepe is 'my' Pug :)

re your post- I was just reading this:


the other day- asking why fashion in the 90s was so bad! I think overall if you try to have an individual style rather than following all the latest trends then you might escape some of the worst 'fashion disasters' ... but give it 10 years and we'll see !