Monday, April 27, 2009


As I said to the tallier, "How can I feel so naughty and so happy at the same time?". UQ Alumni book sale! Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Do you know I got a copy of the Harrods cookbook with the famous pork chops and artichoke hearts recipe as an early birthday present for Ms Cutting? $2! Bargain. I also got Who's Who of Australian Women 2007 for $5! Bargain! And Gerard Millerson's Techniques of Television Production - $5! And...and....and...a word to the wise - take a shopping trolley with wheels on so you don't strain your back carrying around a box like I did. It's still going until Wednesday. OMG! I've just realised I can go BACK!!! I'm working tomorrow night so my day is free. This time I can be more organised and take my 50 Books for the Year list with me. I was looking for The Spare Room by Helen Garner - got everything else but - this review made me giggle - though I'm sure Ms Garner is not amused. Got Arthur Ransome's The Picts and the Martyrs though which I've never seen before so I'm pleased about that....(just realised that that is another Author's society I could join...I wonder if Violet Needham and Arthur Ransome would have got on????) and Crime and Punishment for $1.50 - Miss Pat and I will fight over that one. Honest to goodness - it's a booklovers dream. So very naughty today. Bought a coat for the big roadtrip to the Southern Highlands from Rivers. I have a coat already really might get to have a back up. And the tax bonus has apparently been put into my bank account. It will go straight back out to dear Mastercard and other good creditors. I am like a pig in mud...only without the flu...thank you very much.


Grand Purl Baa said...

I saw your new coat on television last night.

Oh dear. A whole post about books and I'm commenting on the coat. Well its hard to get my head out of the wool bale.

Do they have any knitting books at that UQ sale?

Luvvie said...

stacks luvvie stacks of knitting books...I tell's a feast...a whole set of Golden many little time....

Grand Purl Baa said...

I've already got the whole set of Golden Hands!

Anything else?!

Jacqui said...

A whole set of Golden Hands!!! I only have a few from my get so many goodies up north...shish.

I'm a bit dumbfounded by the mountain of books you seem to be reading simultaneously and I like to read. Personally (spitefully?) pleased you didn't find Ms Garners book - she shits me (but I'm a lone complainer in my book club).

What do you mean you saw her new coat on TV last night?? The word verification is "outtespo" - yes, out with it! I want to know.