Friday, January 2, 2009

२००९ Goals

Predictable I know !

I should also improve my housekeeping - I have found fern fronds growing inside the house.


MostLusty said...

What books have you read so far this year Luvvie? I'm a slow read constantly going back to parts I love. My books end up with all lots of different coloured post-its all the way through.

My mother had a hip replacement operation so I have spent a huge amount of time with her in my old house, in my old neighbourhood, driving past the cemetry and it's stirred it all up.

So few people know the truth about my father and I felt ready to let it go and get it out. I haven't told my kids and think I should to stop perpetuating this untruth. Then I think well my daughter is in year twelve this year, don't want to mess her about and my son well he's 14. Then I think I'm like my mother trying to find the right time when there isn't one.

Anyway, tell me about your books Luvvie.

MostLusty said...

Slow reader and bad editor.

Luvvie said...

Dear Most Lusty - yes, probably there is never a right time but kids are amazing I find. Sometimes I think mine are more grown up than me. They rise to the occasion when I despair of knowing what to do. Books - well I'm trying to read Greg Mortenson's "Three Cups of Tea". It's a bit of a tough one but I'm getting there. Tough because the guy goes places I'd never go e.g. Pakistan/Afghanistan. I've started reading Dawn French's "Dear Fatty" - memoirs and a very interesting way of writing them - a series of letters to her nearest and dearest. And I'm also reading Garrison Keillor's "Liberty: A Lake Wobegon Story" - I love listening to him on Radio National on a Sunday night when I remember. So haven't finished one book yet but not far off!! We're pretty similar regarding kidlets - I've got a boy aged 16 going into Grade 12. My daughter is still trying to decide whether or not to go back to hideous school and re-do Grade 12 (she dropped out half way through last year). I walked this morning and feel much better.

MostLusty said...

Hey Luvvie,

I went back to work yesterday which was quite a shock to the system. Am loving teaching adults so I will adjust to the not so late nights and early mornings and all will be fine.

Yes I agree about our kids, not sure what it is but mine too seem more grown up than me. So they probably will surprise me.

Well done re the walking, I planned to do laps today but came home to the aircon instead.

Happy reading.

capo said...

Hi Luvvie,
welcome to the new year. I've just spent two weeks on Straddie which was perfect.
Haven't started Breath yet or seen Control. Does Control have a watery connection or is that just me thinking I see water everywhere?
I'm at risk of pidgeon-holing myself I fear.

MostLusty said...

Hey Luvvie,

How's things?