Friday, December 26, 2008


I cheerfully confess the title for this blog is stolen from an ad campaign for Big Sister puddings I think in the UK in 1979??? And so to Christmas. Well, nature's gift to us this Christmas has come in the form of a peacock. We saw three a couple of days before Christmas on our neighbour's front lawn. Now we are down to one peacock - who seems to have taken up residence in our front door patio area. Where are the other peacocks? An interesting Christmas. One that has kept me on my toes. Where will we spend it? Would anyone like to hazard a guess ? Who will we spend it with? How much can we spend? But enough of that. I was very spoilt this Christmas. I ate far too much food - chicken, ham, salmon, prawns. I made coleslaw, sweet potato salad, green salad. Daddy gave me one of his fabulous puds. The neighbours gave us chocolates. All my senses were satisfied having been given a scented candle, iced sweet honey/ginger biscuits in the shape of a dove, fabulous music from the Fleet Foxes, books to gaze upon, a beautiful shawl, a necklace from Uganda made from recycled paper and handcream. Heaven. I'm a lucky girl. And I got to swim at the gorge on Xmas Eve. Very lucky indeed. Christmas cards this year were an interesting mix - five at the most had religious themes - most featured santa or a xmas tree or decorations. Seven charities benefitted from card sales (30%) - RSPCA, Unicef, Qld Baptist Care, Lifeboats (UK), Kids Helpline, Cancer Council and Oxfam. Four families chose to send email greetings. So I think the grim financial future is having its effect on everyone. Tightening of belts all round - except for mine. I think I'm heading towards size 18 - sigh. So, all you bloggers out there...what should I do about this peacock? I plan to ring the vet tomorrow in case someone has reported missing peacocks. I just don't know if we can take any more into the menagerie of the murray cod, budgie, guinea pigs x 3 (shortly to become 33), dog and two families of magpies (not to mention the rats) who seem to regard us as the local Centrelink office. Robert suggested the other two peacocks have ended up on the Christmas table - what an awful thought....

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capo said...

Doubling up on my replys here and on my blog - can't figure out the protocol! Do you go back to the original post and check alex?
Re "Breath" No I haven't. You have obviously.
Do you recommnend it to a swimmer/beach fanatic?

I do believe the peacock ws a delicacy in Elizabethan times. (I made that up)
You should publish the results of your extensive xmas/christmas card survey. It could go a long way to resolving world poverty.
Perhaps the peacock on your doorstep augers well for the new year. Cheers and have agood one.